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GPT & GenAI for Startup Storytelling


OpenAI and Bard are the most used GenAI tools today; the first one has a massive Microsoft investment, and the other one is an experiment from Google. But did you know that you can also use them to optimize and hack your startup? 

For startups, creating pitch scripts, sales emails, and elevator pitches with generative AI (GenAI) can help you not only save time but also validate your marketing and wording. Curious? Here are a few prompt hacks for startups to create,improve, and validate buyer personas, your startup's mission/vision statements, and unique selling proposition (USP) definitions.

First Step: Introduce yourself and your startup

Introduce yourself, your startup, your website, your idea, your position, and in a few words what you are doing to the chatbot:

Prompt: I'm NAME and our startup NAME, with website URL, is doing WHATEVER. With PRODUCT NAME, we aim to change or disrupt INDUSTRY.

Bard is able to pull information from your website. I'm not sure if ChatGPT can do that, though. But nevertheless, now you have laid a great foundation for the model to understand you and what you are doing.

1. Create a Mission Statement

Prompt: Our current mission/vision is: YOUR VISION / MISSION. Help me enhance it by making it clearer, and more inspiring.

If you don't have a mission yet, use this prompt

I think about a compelling mission and vision statement, help me draft some.

2. Buyers persona

PromptHelp me create a buyer persona for my product PRODUCT NAME that we should approach; this persona needs to have the power to buy products for $500k with one check.

Prompt: Help me create a buyer-supporting persona for PRODUCT NAME we should approach. Those who are primarily INDUSTRY AREA and are familiar with WHAT YOU WANT TO DISRUPT and related activities.

3. USP

Prompt: We are developing a product called PRODUCT NAME. It is a PRODUCT IDEA that offers WHATEVER YOU PROVIDE. I need you to assist me in crafting a compelling and concise description that highlights its unique selling proposition.

4. Elevator Pitch

Prompt: Help me draft a convincing elevator pitch for PRODUCT NAME with a professional (or convincing) tone.

5. Market size, SOM and SAM

PromptHow big is the market size for PRODUCT DESCRIPTION / PRODUCT NAME, and what could be our serviceable and obtainable market size for the COUNTRY or region?

This is quite an interesting prompt; the first answer will never match; you have to improve the answer by defining more parameters. As an example: 

I wanted to know how big the market size for our product is; we target the US Educational market.

To wrap it up

Now, I think you've got it. Also note that when you start to chat with one of the tools, they mostly know nothing about you, the company, or anything else. That means introducing, explaining, and improving the answers, like:

That was not what I wanted to know, let me rephrase. 

Now rephrase your question: that triggers some kind of reinforcement learning, and the AI might be able to pull more and better information. Every rephrase and piece of information helps nail down the best response for you. I hope that helps a bit in improving your sales and marketing efforts for your startup.


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