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FlumeNG - the evolution

Flume, the decentralized log collector, makes some great progress. Since the project has reached an Apache incubating tier the development on the next generation (NG) has reached a significant level. Now, what's the advantage of a new flume? Simply the architecture. FlumeNG doesn't need zookeeper anymore, has no master / client concept nor nodes / collectors. Simply run a bunch of agents, connect each of them together and create your own flow. Flume now can run with 20MB heapsize, uses inMemory Channel for flows, can have multiflows, different sinks to one channel and will support a few more sinks as flume =< 1.0.0. But, flumeNG will not longer support tail and tailDir, here a general exec sink is available, which lets the user the freedom to use everything.  Requirements On the build host we need jre 1.6.x, maven 3.x and git or svn.  Installation To check out the code we use git and maven in a simple one-line command: git clone git://

Hadoop UG Germany

Last week we opened 2 groups in the major social business platforms LinkedIn and XING . Feel free to join us. The admins of both groups are working on a german-speaking hadoop user group , and the first fragments are online. Any help is highly welcome, open an account and help us to evangelize Europe! Thanks,  Alexander Alten-Lorenz, Lars Francke and Kai Voigt