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Enable JMX Metrics in Flume 1.3x

As you know, Flume supports Ganglia (version 3 and above) to collect report metrics. The details are described in our documentation  ( 1 ) . Now I'll describe how do you use JMX reporting (to integrate metrics into other monitoring systems or monitor flume directly via Java's builtin JMX console (2)). That's pretty easy - choose a port which is free on your server and not firewall blocked. First, enable JMX via flume's ($FLUME_HOME/conf/ and uncomment / add / edit the line starting with JAVA-OPTS: JAVA_OPTS="-Xms100m -Xmx200m" Of course, restart all running agents.  Now point jconsole to Flume: jconsole YOUR_HOSTNAME:  54321    will start a X11 Java window: which monitors your Flume installation.  Links (1)