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Some fun with Apache Wayang and Spark / Tensorflow

Apache Wayang is an open-source Federated Learning (FL) framework developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It provides a platform for distributed machine learning, with a focus on ease of use and flexibility. It supports multiple FL scenarios and provides a variety of tools and components for building FL systems. It also includes support for various communication protocols and data formats, as well as integration with other Apache projects such as Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar for data streaming. The project aims to make it easier to develop and deploy machine learning models in decentralized environments. It's important to note that this are just examples and they may not be the way for your project to interact with Apache Wayang, you may need to check the documentation of the Apache Wayang project ( ) to see how to interact with it. I just point out how easy it is to use different languages to interact between Wayang and Spark. Also, you need to mak