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What Makes You The Number 1 Product Manager?

Amazon often does this thing where they start with the customer instead of just coming up with a product and then trying to figure out how to sell it. They call it " working backwards. " This strategy totally works for any product decisions, but it's especially important when they're making something new. The Press Release Exercise When it comes to launching new stuff, product managers usually start by writing a press release for customers. This press release is all about their pain points, how current solutions fall short, and how the new product is going to crush it. If the benefits don't get customers excited, the product manager needs to keep tweaking the press release until it sounds super awesome. It's way easier and cheaper to make changes to a press release than it is to change the product itself. Here’s a template I use to describe a new service or product: Main heade r: The product name anyone directly understands, like “Ultra-compact power charger”