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Major compact an row key in HBase

Getting an row key via hbase-shell per scan: hbase (main):0001:0 > scan ‘your_table',{LIMIT => 5}  ROW  .... see what the row contains: hbase (main):0002:0 > get ‘your_table’,"\x00\x01"  COLUMN  .... To start the compaction based on the row key use this few lines and replace <row_key> and <your_table> with the findings above: hbase (main):0003:0 > configuration = org.apache.hadoop.hbase.HBaseConfiguration.create table =, '< your_table >')  regionLocation = table.getRegionLocation(" <row key> ”) regionLocation.getRegionInfo().getRegionName() admin = admin.majorCompact(regionLocation.getRegionInfo().getRegionName())