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Get Apache Wayang ready to test within 5 minutes

Hey followers, I often get ask how to get Apache Wayang ( ) up and running without having a full big data processing system behind. We heard you, we built a full fledged docker container, called BDE (Blossom Development Environment), which is basically Wayang. Here's the repo: I made a short screencast how to get it running with Docker on OSX, and we also have made two hands-on videos to explain the first steps. Let's start with the basics - Docker. Get the whole platform with: docker pull At the end the Jupyter notebook address is shown, control-click on it (OS X); the browser should open and login you automatically: Voila - done. You have now a full working Wayang environment, we prepared three notebooks to make it more easy to dive into. Watch our development tutorial video (part 1) to get a better understanding what Wayang can do, and what not. Click the video below: