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Build Ultra-Scalable Backends with Pekko and Kubernetes

Update May 21, 2024:  Lightbend, the company behind Akka, changed the license from Apache 2.0 to BSL , which makes Akka not really attractive anymore. The new license is in place from Akka 2.7 onwards.  Pekko  is a 2.6x fork of Akka, with the same functionalities,  maintained and further developed by the Apache Software Foundation, and is under Apache Software Licence 2 available. Ractor is written in Rust, has network communication, single messaging, named actors and a cluster mode, and is under MIT license available. ------------------------------ Building a backend that can handle massive traffic and keep your users happy is tough. We're not talking about a simple website with a few hundred visitors a day. We're talking about high-performance systems that can handle spikes in traffic, process huge amounts of data, and keep chugging along even when things go wrong. I have made some great experiences with Akka as micro service in kubernetes, we use k8s to scale our IoT platfo