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Infinimesh IoT / IIoT platform is starting up!


Today is a day we will never forget - infinimesh ( is starting and lifting off! Our Kubernetes, Apache Kafka ® and graph based Industrial IoT platform is entering the alpha stage! We have been working like maniacs over the past 14 months to bring a fully flexible, independent, patent and vendor lock-in free IoT platform to you! Soon it’s your chance to test and try it out, our closed alpha will be open for public on March 30, 2019 - Mark this date in your calendar!

An incredible platform comes to life

We believe smart and connected devices bring our society forward. Smart technology uses resources only when they are really necessary and thus prevents waste. On the other hand, when really required, smart things act and hence prevent accidents or simply enable a great user experience. We have started infinimesh 100% Open Source, without patents or closed software. Any software components we have developed, and to this we commit going forward, will be open - forever. Founded by engineers who built the backbone of the European Energy Revolution, infinimesh aims to make industrial and individual IoT secure, available and affordable for all. Infinimesh runs in all cloud offerings, be it public, hybrid or private. All you need is Linux; our platform works in any container environment as well as native.

Infinimesh on Google Cloud

We work with Google Cloud as strategic partner for our SaaS offering - and from today on the platform is running on GCP! Our SaaS offering, running in Google Cloud, is free for everybody up to 25 devices - ideally for makers, startups and industrial Proof of Concepts. That leaves enough room to bring ideas to live and test even larger installations and use the feature rich ecosystem of GCP to make your idea a successful product.

What can I do with infimesh IoT on GCP right now?

  • Connect devices securely via MQTT 3.1.1
  • Transfer desired and reported device states
  • Manage accounts (Create/Delete)
  • Manage Namespaces to organize devices and restrict access to devices
  • Create hierarchically organized objects, e.g. buildings, rooms to organize and model device hierarchies

How does it work?

Our Kubernetes Operator does the work a real operator would do: it not only installs the whole platform, but also takes care of required cloud/datacenter resources, updates, monitoring and handles incidents like errors. It attempts to resolve as many issues as possible on its own, and notifies human operators when human intervention is required. The operator is the glue between infinimesh and the target installation environment. Our alpha drop focuses on Google Cloud Platform and enables exactly this environment. More supported environments will follow.


Device Management

Powerful but simple framework to visualize clusters of devices within your organization and set permissions up to device level.

Device Shadow

Real-time and two-way correspondence for every device in your fleet. Our highly-scalable backend can power millions of devices.

Timeseries Visualization

Great telemetry is based on timeseries. infinimesh has timeseries data capabilities built-in and enables meaningful monitoring.

Virtual Twins

A virtual twin is the digital copy of your physical asset. infinimesh provides virtual twins which give you the possibility to modify your physical device without even touching it

Machine Learning and AI

infinimesh has Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models built-in to rapidly detect anomalies and respond accordingly.

Roadmap and features ahead

OPC-UA with full open62541 support (binary protocol with encryption) and BACnet will be available within the next quarter.

OPC-UA is the leading semantic protocol for industry 4.0 and opens the full potential to industry proven stacks like Siemens MindSphere and IBM Watson for Industry. BACnet will also make its way into the platform quite soon, we expect a first drop in the next couple of weeks. BACnet is the most used communications protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks that leverage the ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO 16484-5 standard protocol and is used in various intelligent buildings as protocol stack.

What’s next?

More exciting news and announcements will follow in the next months, so use the platform and follow this blog or our channels to never miss news. We are happy to have you as user and customer and we will support you in any idea you have. Drop us a mail, or open a Feature Request ( or contact ( us over our different channels - we are here.


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