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Next Internet comes with IoT


The Internet we know is a great space for collaboration, social media and gaming. But when it comes to business or transactions, the power belongs to few big ones. Remember the S3 outage and half of the north-american services where offline? Or the Dny hack which kicked out half of the internet for hours? The next internet could be a blockchain based independent network, using as many protocols as available and there is no one person in control of it and it is run on the Internet.

In a nutshell, Blockchain is a decentralized system in which every transaction gets mathematically approved by the members of the system, therefore every member of that transaction knows about it. The information of the transaction is stored in the distributed servers of the blockchain. That makes manipulations highly impossible, and the transaction is also highly available at every time.

IoT devices are getting more and more intelligent and can now create meshed networks by itself, switching from a sensor into an actor and transferring informations only for the neighbors. For example to tell the doorknob that the Homeowner will be at home in 5 minutes with his EV, and the Wallbox and the door needs to be unlocked. Right now that is possible by IFTTT, which is an extra protocol and needs manual configuration, in future this will happen over direct meshed information cells automatically, inclusive status updates.

When we now look into the power of billions of IoT devices, may it be sensors, cameras, windmills, cars or whatever, as basis they all carry CPU and memory. Connecting all of those together combines a large, highly available inter-connected system. Always on, always accessible, always responsible self connected things which share informations about their environment with other things by itself and trigger automated actions, learned by the behavior of the things’ environmental space. Thinking as an ultrawide available blockchain, those devices will be the next internet. Transactions, informations and data will be stored securely on a device and every device, connected to another device, will automatically become a member of the global blockchain pool in the future. That brings the power of blockchain to an always connected network, speeding up the digital disruption every business has and allows enterprises to build models based on the decentralized network. Right now, without an economic virtual entity to establish each other's identity, over 2 billion of humans are excluded from being a part of any financial transaction globally and let others collect data about yourself, steal identities and commit fraud without letting us a chance to fight against. Those who have the power and control large parts if the Net can’t be disempowered, because they operate large parts of the Net, too.

That mistake can and will be solved by the next Internet, bringing in radical and new solutions for the Internet we know. Most of them are based on Blockchain Technology, like Ethereum provides for Smart Contracts.

Another technology move could be blockchain powered AI, immutable, shared decentral control, trusted audit trails leads to qualitative better data and algorithms through more data available. Since real-world modeling works on large volumes of data, such as training on large datasets or high-throughput stream processing systems. For applications of blockchain to AI, blockchain technology with big-data scalability and querying like the groundbreaking BigchainDB with the public IPDB are needed. And a global scaled blockchain unlocks new large-scale opportunities starting from better model training though model sharing over a shared global AI model registry to automated wealth for our planet.


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